If, before your arrival or during your stay, you are obliged to cancel your stay, the cancellation insurance will refund your payment if the cancellation occurs because of :

  • Serious illness, serious injury or death
  • Destruction of professional office or private house
  • Theft in your business or private premises
  • Redundancy
  • Serious damage to your vehicle or caravan
  • Complications due to pregnancy
  • Obtaining a fixed term job

This cancellation insurance (underwritten by GAN EUROCOURTAGE n°78630182) is optionnaly proposed to your a the unique price of 20 €uros. This must be subscribed at the same time than your booking (by internet or by sending the subscription form).

Notez que certaines cartes de paiement (cartes Visa "Premier" par exemple) offrent déjà une assurance  annulation. Vérifiez avant de souscrire si vous n'êtes pas déjà assurés !