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cancellation of camping stay coronavirus covid-19

Some information on stay cancellations during this period of Coronavirus-Covid19 Pandemic.

If you have already booked :

We advise you to wait for official information about the openings of the campsites and the end of lockdown.

If nevertheless, you want to cancel your stay because you fear you will not be able to come, it is obviously possible. Just send us a message to let us know.

We will apply the provisions of Order No. 2020-315 of March 25, 2020, retaining your deposit as a credit for a future stay; this credit will be fully refunded to you in 18 months if you do not use it. Note that these new conditions are therefore more favorable for you than our usual cancellation conditions.

If you haven't booked yet :

Well, book now! We offer you our Special Guarantee "Book Now / Postpone for Free". If you cannot come on the scheduled date, for any reason, your deposit remains valid without time limit, to be used on a next stay. So don't wait!

It is very likely that the majority of vacationers prefer the security of small isolated campsites for their next vacation, so to calmly choose your favorite location, book without delay!  

le lac de la selve vu du pont

Your campsite is open from 
2th June to 1st november, 2020

Camping La Romiguière

Lac de la Selve - Montpeyroux


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