Campsite La Romiguière is on the very near shore of the Lake of Selve (also called Lake Maury). You can see the lake from every pitches. The little yellow rectangles represent the mobilhomes. When you book, you can ask us for a specific pitch number... Be aware : all mobilhomes are not availlable for booking.

Camping La Romiguière Lac de la Selve Aveyron

Pictures of some pitches

Emplacement01 Emplacement02 Emplacement03 Emplacement05 Emplacement08 Emplacement10 Emplacement14 Emplacement16 Emplacement17 Emplacement21 Emplacement22 Emplacement23 Emplacement25 Emplacement26 Emplacement28 Emplacement31 Emplacement33 Emplacement35 Emplacement36 Emplacement37 Emplacement38 Emplacement40 Emplacement41 Emplacement42 Emplacement43 Emplacement44 Emplacement45 Emplacement46 Emplacement48 Emplacement49 Emplacement50 Emplacement51 Emplacement53 Emplacement54 Emplacement55 Emplacement59 Emplacement60 Emplacement61 Emplacement62