Bèz Bédène

A truly magical place!

Starting from the campsite La Romiguière, take the direction of Nayrac. At the level of the locality "Le Fabrou" a sign indicates to the right "Site de Bèz-Bédène". A little further, at Ouilhas, turn left (very small sign ...) and follow this mysterious road that leads to the old bridge.

Park the car after the bridge, right. From there, a path leaves towards Maury but, turning back, cross the magnificent bridge to take on the right the circuit of Bèz-Bédène.

Walking shoes, stick, a bottle of water, the topo that you kindly get for free at the  Camping, you walk in the hardwood forest. Pass the cave to the wolves, then cross what could almost look like a Breton moor or sometimes even a Corsican maquis. From there, the view of the village is splendid. The descent into a very arid area, takes you to the climbing site, then to the river (La Selve) then the trail back to the village through the flower gardens.

Take the cool in the church where are exposed chasubles overhead before taking the road down to the bridge find the car.

If you have a little time and strength, go all the way from the rock spur to the moving stone....


tournoi de petanque au bord du lac de la selve

Your campsite is open from 
april 18 to september 26, 2020

Camping La Romiguière

Lac de la Selve - Montpeyroux


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