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Bozouls' Canyon... whaou !

Bozouls Canyon


Want an amazing and refreshing ride ? Visit the Bozouls Canyon !

Bozouls is roughly halfway between Espalion and Rodez. The Dourdou River has dug limestone for millennia to draw a loop of 400 meters in diameter with vertical walls 100 meters high.

Starting from Camping La Romiguière, get off by Estaing then directly Bozouls (without passing through Espalion!). The easiest way is to park near the Town Hall. Walk to the promontoir where you can admire the impressive canyon with its church on the central spur ... whaou! ...

Take a left on the sloping lanes to reach the trail that runs through the chasm along the river. The decor invites to look up to admire the work of water and time.

Several hiking trails are marked. Choose yours!

Then going back to the old village and its church in the middle of the circus, the view is beautiful. Continue the path that descends again, crossing here a garden, a there a cave ... it's adventure ... children love!

On the way back, admire the waterfall then go back to the town hall by the alleys which, curiously, seem steeper to the ascent to the descent!

After this beautiful afternoon, take the time to relax on the beach of the campsite ...




la lac de la selve vue aerienne

Your campsite is open from 
2th June to 1st november, 2020

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Lac de la Selve - Montpeyroux


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