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Reservation is mandatory for rentals and recommended for pitches. We recommend that you call us or simulate a reservation to find out about availability.

OPTION: The option is valid for 7 days. After this period, without receiving your booking form or your internet booking, or if we don't receive your deposit, it will automatically be canceled. The option has no contractual value and may be canceled without penalty to either side.


RESERVATION: The reservation is personal, it can not be transferred. It will be considered after the booking form is received (or after your internet booking), with a deposit of 30% (minimum €50) and €16.00 of booking fee (depending on the period). The balance is payable on arrival. Upon receipt of the booking with your payment, a confirmation will be sent. The amount will be calculated according to booking dates mentioned in the contract. No discount will be given for early departure or unreasonable delay.


PAYMENT OF THE BALANCE: The balance of your stay must be paid no later than the day of your arrival. A request for payment of the balance will be automatically sent to you 14 days before your arrival..


DEPOSIT: For any rental, you must leave a deposit of € 200.00 per mobile-home or bungalow at the reception upon arrival; this deposit will be returned to you on departure when checking the rental and after deduction of any cleaning costs, the value of the missing or damaged equipment (according to the scale available at reception) or the repair costs. The tenant will be required to report any anomaly upon arrival. For camping pitches, we will ask you for a deposit of 20 € to obtain a contactless key allowing the barrier to be opened. This deposit will be returned to you upon departure after return of the key.


ARRIVAL - DEPARTURE: The pitches and rents reserved are available on the day of your arrival after 16 hours and must be vacated no later than 10 hours on the day of your departure. The day before departure, you must make an appointment at the reception for the inventory of your lease. No reduction will be granted for an early departure or for a late arrival. We recommend that you take out the Cancellation Insurance.


CANCELLATION: Cancellation of your reservation must be made by letter or email. Management fees of €16.00 will be retained. If your cancellation is submitted (postmarked authentic) at least 60 days before your arrival, we will refund your deposit minus management fees. If your cancellation is received more than 30 days before your arrival, we will refund 50% of your deposit minus management fees. For cancellations within 30 days of your arrival, your deposit and management fee will be retained by the campsite without dispute. In case of cancellation for reasons falling at the campsite, the customer will be refunded all money paid. If applicable, the refund of all or part of the deposit will be made from September 15.


CANCELLATION INSURANCE: We advise you to subscribe to the cancellation insurance for a unique price of 20€ per stay. All the details are here.


GUARANTEE "POSTPONE FOR FREE": This guarantee is offered to you. It allows you to postpone all or part of your stay free of charge and without conditions, for any reason (even personal convenience). All the details are here.


REDUCTION - REFUND: Bad weather or personal convenience does not in any way justify the full or partial refund of your stay. The free services cannot give rise to any reimbursement or reduction in the event of temporary or definitive unavailability. 


PROMOTIONS - LAST MINUTE SALES: On these occasions, it is possible that for the same stay, customers have paid different prices. Customers who have paid the highest price will not be able to benefit from a refund representing the price difference between the price they have paid and the promotional price. The discounts are not cumulative with promotions.


CAPACITY: For technical and insurance reasons, the number of people per location can not exceed 6 (babies included). Some rentals are limited to 4 or 5 people. The campsite reserves the right to refuse access to the rental or the pitch if the number of people present exceeds the planned capacity.


ANIMALS: Animals (dogs and cats) are allowed in limit of 2 per location and with the payment of an additional fee.


ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: The pitches and rentals are equipped with individual circuit breakers limited to 10A. It is forbidden to modify the technical characteristics of the installation or to use more than one socket per location. In addition, recharging the battery of an electric or hybrid vehicle is prohibited.

: Any camper will consult the rules of the campsite displayed to the left of the barrier and have to comply with its provisions.



In the event of a dispute, the customer and the campsite will endeavor to find an amicable solution.

In the absence of an amicable agreement, the customer has the possibility to refer free of charge to the consumer mediator to which the professional belongs, namely the Association of European Mediators (AME CONSO), within one year of the written complaint. addressed to the campsite.

Referral to the consumer mediator must be made:

- or by completing the form provided for this purpose on the AME CONSO website: www.mediationconso-ame.com

- or by letter addressed to AME CONSO, 11 Place Dauphine - 75001 PARIS

The customer can also contact the European platform for online dispute resolution (RLL): https://www.laromiguiere.fr/rll


Our friends, space-time or extraterrestrial explorers, traveling in a flying saucer, Tardis, DeLorean, Enterprise or any related device are welcome. However, your sudden arrival at the campsite could cause some confusion among the population, and the authorities, out of ignorance, would not fail to cordon off the area on the grounds of the precautionary principle. Your vacation on earth would be greatly disrupted. In order to prepare your arrival in the best conditions, contact us discreetly beforehand by any means of communication technically usable on planet Earth in the 21st century (Earth calendar), taking into account of course the stretching of time linked to Restricted Relativity.


Well done if you've read this far. These terms are a bit annoying, but it is mandatory. Sorry. And the previous paragraph was there to reward you and, we hope, make you smile. Because, unfortunately, we won't see a flying saucer at the campsite for a long time... although... 😉

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Pour les réservations faites à partir du 11 mai, la Garantie Annulation est offerte.


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In 2021, your campsite will be open from 1st may to 25th september

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