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Reverie at the campsite by the lake in Aveyron

Why "an Amazing Elsewhere" ?...

It's the title of the review posted (in french) by Evelyne following her stay in September 2019.

Indeed, going to Camping La Romiguière is really going Elsewhere. And you will arrive in an Amazing place...


Elsewhere because we are disoriented when arriving here. Some vacationers come only from Laguiole or Espalion; less than 25 km, and we are disoriented. We are Elsewhere...

Elsewhere because you won't find Camping La Romiguière by chance. You look for an isolated place, far from nowhere and you arrive here. Elsewhere...

Elsewhere because after driving the national roads and the highway, you arrive by these magnificent small roads, winding and steep. Large spaces, lakes and valleys, flowers, birds. You really seem to have changed country. You arrived elsewhere ...

Where you will be Amazed...

Amazed by the calm of the place. Even in the height of summer, when the campsite is full. The children play, a saxophone awakens the night, the rooster announces the sunrise. Nothing but the simple sounds of life. But a feeling of calm. Amazing.

Amazed by these ever more striking sunsets. Every evening new colors. And this sky ... sheltered from light pollution ... When was the last time you saw the Milky Way? Amazing.

Amazed by the people here. Sometimes the first approach can be a little rough, but we are always ready to inform you and help you. Unusual also sometimes those who come to the campsite. Observe, listen and let yourself be jostled, it's amazing.


So, far from standard and impersonal campsites, come and have an Amazing experience in an Elsewhere in the heart of Aubrac.

We are waiting for you !



le camping vu du lac sepia

In 2021, your campsite will be open from 1st may to 25th september

Camping La Romiguière

Lac de la Selve - Montpeyroux


Camping in Aveyron


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