You will find here the questions asked by some customers, and our answers of course !

Is there a WIFI access at the campsite? If so, is it free?
You can access our WIFI with your own computer, tablet or laptop overall the campsite. Access is free. Some sites are blocked (like youtube for example). Please note that our internet access is very slow, but you can certainly read your messages and view Web pages.

When should I pay the balance?
You pay on arrival. Note that most of other campsite ask you to pay 30 days before arrival. Not here!

Is it possible to rent a bed and a chair for baby?
Yes, we have a baby equipment (cot and high chair). There is also a free access space for babies (changing table and bath) in a sanitary.

Are Camping pitches marked out?
Yes. The boundaries of the sites are materialized by trees or shrubs. Some sites have blackout hedges (which mask other locations).

At what time can we have our mobilhome?
Your mobilhome or bungalow will be ready no later than 16 hours.

Can we arrive in the morning?
Your rent or your site must be freed by previous holidaymakers before you can dispose of it. Furthermore, we need a little time to do any refurbishment. In the morning, we take care of departures, and afternoon arrivals ...

What do I do if I think I arrive after the closing of the reception?
You must contact us so that we are informed of your late arrival. We wil indicate you the procedure to follow to access your location or your pitch.

What will I find in the grocery store?
We have a convenience grocery store where you only find basic necessities.

Where are the nearest shops?
On the campsite you will find a food service with breads, pastries (high season) as well as necessities. 10 min by car, Saint-Amans-des-Cots, you will find a SPAR, a bakery, a butcher and various shops.

Where is the nearest cash machine?
The nearest cash machine is at Saint-Amans-des-Cots, 10 minutes by car.

Do you accept cash and/or credit card?
We accept credit cards and cash for payment for your stay at the campsite and the Snack / Bar.

What kind of electrical outlets do you have about the locations?
The campsite is equipped with french sockets (2 poles + earth) - don't forget your adapter if you are using british plugs.

Is there a television in my mobilhome?
Sorry, there is no TV here. Take the opportunity to make a cure "no TV" and watch the spectacle of wild nature around the campsite.

How should I manage my departure from the campsite?
In rental: Come and see us the day before your departure to give us an estimated time of departure. Once you are ready to go, come and meet us at the reception for the inventory. Remember that you must leave your rental before 10am.

Camping: The location must be released to 12.00. Remember to give us back the access badge.

Do you accept animals on the campsite? And in rental?
Our friends the animals are accepted under certain conditions. We accept a maximum of 2 pets per accommodation and per pitch. It is agreed that they must be leashed and their books vaccinations are presented upon arrival at the campsite. You will have to pay a fee per day per pet. Dogs bred Rottweilers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rosa or dogs assimilable by their morphological characteristics, are strictly prohibited.

Can we bring barbecue?
Gas grills and charcoal are allowed. Electric barbecues are prohibited. Fires on the floor is prohibited.

Is it allowed to swim in the lake?
Swimming is allowed in the lake. Bath is supervised during the summer. Do not hesitate to ask about the temperature and depth of water.

Is it possible to fish in the lake? Do I need a fishing license?
Yes ! Fishing is allowed in the lake and you must have a licence ("carte de pêche").

Are there any in areas where fishing is prohibited?
Yes and no ! You can fish everywhere. However, a temporary reserve is in place from April 7 to June 13, from the beach of the camping to the tip of Oustrac (the farm in front of the campsite)

Do you have a washing machine?
Yes, the campsite has a laundry area with a washing machine. You can buy tokens at reception (1 token washing machine: € 5.00).

Do you have dryers?

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