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Water skiing on Lake of Selve in Aveyron at Campsite la Romiguiere near Laguiole

The Lake of Selve is ideal to discover JetSki or to practice Water skiing.

About 700 meters far in front of the campsite is a peninsula called Oustrac. Beyond the peninsula is an area reserved for water skiing or jetskiing. So you can indulge your passion without restraint, without disturbing other guests wishing to enjoy the tranquility of the beach.

We rent placements to our private dock, your boat or jet and will be safe.

For jetskiing or water skiing, a speed zone is availlable on the lake.

Finally, you can bring your own boat or your own jetski and rent a place at our floating dock.


un emplacement au bord du lac

In 2024, your campsite will be open from 8th may to 14th september

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