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Transhumance in Aubrac - 24 may 2020

The Association "Traditions en Aubrac" has just informed us of the cancellation of the Transhumance Festival on May 24

She specifies however that the cows will still go up to the summer pastures and that animations can be organized if the conditions allow it.

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Campsite La Romiguière is about 40 minutes (by car) far from Aubrac village. To go to Aubrac, where the Transhumance Festival is, sunday may 24th, you can opt for the bus.

So you will be able to enjoy the quietness of the campsite, the ideal situation between the Lot's valley (Estaing, Espalion, Saint-Cosme), the Truyère's valley (Entraygues) and Aubrac (Laguiole) ; this is probably the best place to visite north-aveyron, and participate to the Transhumance festival in Aubrac.

A special menu will be proposed Saturday and Sunday evening at the restaurant of the campsite. We will also have traditional music Friday 22th and Saturday 23th may evening.


Every year, at around St. Urbain (end of May), it is customary to raise herds in the mountains of Aubrac to graze during the summer. This is the transhumance.

24 May 2020 : 39th « Transhumance and Aubrac cows Festival »

La Transhumance en Aubrac

La Fête de la Transhumance in practice :

The road Saint-Côme-d'Olt - Aubrac is closed to traffic Sunday, 24 may 2020, the day of the Festival of Transhumance and the rise of cattle, but road signs  will help you to go to the village. We will give practical informations so that you can take full advantage of this day.

An entrance fee of 6 € per person is requested by the association "Tradition Aubrac" which organizes the festivities.

Transhumance Aubrac CampingCar :

The service area for CampingCar at Aubrac is closed during the week preceding the festival of transhumance. Parking is provided for motorhome, but if you do not like crowds of large gatherings of motorhomes, Camping La Romiguière you offers an astute fall 20 minutes far from Laguiole. All sites have lake views. They are flat and have water and electricity (10A). Service Area for drain is available.

Enjoy the Festival of Transhumance Aubrac for a few days in a quiet place at Lake of the Selve.

In addition, in 2020, we propose transportation to Aubrac. Starting at about 9 am in the direction of Aubrac and back at about 17 pm at Campsite La Romiguière. The round trip+entrance fee costs 20 € per person. Please book as soon as possible so that we can hire a vehicle adapted to the number of people! Don't forget to book.


Transhumance Aubrac mobilhome :

Camping La Romiguière offers rentals of mobilehome from 2 nights. The mobile homes are heated and most share a view of the lake Selve. Don't forget to book.


Aubrac , situated on the borders of three departments, Aveyron, Cantal and Lozère, and three regions, Midi- Pyrenees, Auvergne and Languedoc Roussillon stretches over 2500 km ² , 800m to 1470m altitude. The village of Aubrac , " Braco Alto " or "high place", 1300m, is located in the heart of the Plateau de l' Aubrac, the cradle of breeding cattle breed where the natural environment is exceptional.

When it comes May 25th, the traditional date of the rise of herds to the plateau of Aubrac (transhumance), cows are getting impatient as if the mountain called them. Men and beasts agree a time of celebration. Cow heads are decorated with holly, flowers, flags and cowbells. The oldest cow in the herd carries a " clap ", she walks at the head and give the rhythm . The path of the herd does not exceed 70 km, with an average speed of 3 to 5 km / h. Calves of the year join their mothers by truck. Beyond its festive and convivial aspect, the phenomenon of movement of livestock is not artificial or folk , it is first and foremost related to agricultural practice and the type of farming, specifically adapted to the natural environment Aubrac.

Entertainment for all, presentation of animals, meeting with farmers, producers, traditional music and dance ... For dining, lunch and dinner mountain dancing "Night of Aubrac", Aligot of Aubrac. Aubrac meat cooked over a wood fire, regional products market and show producers Aubrac.


24 May 2020 : 39th « Transhumance and Aubrac cows Festival »

  • Meet the farmers and herd
  • Follow the herds to their summer pastures mountain towards Laguiole Nasbinals or Brameloup .
  • Enjoy local produce : Wines, Laguiole cheese, Aligot de l'Aubrac, Aubrac beef
  • Listen and watch folk groups Lous Oyolos (Laguiole) and The Cabrette du Haut Rouergue (Espalion)
  • Fill up flavors fairground market and regional products
  • Try your luck in the game "Guess the weight of the bull"

... and many other events at the " Salon du Terroir Aubrac ."


Les vaches en Transhumance en Aubrac

Around Aubrac...

Enjoy your visit to the Festival of Transhumance to discover the Haut-Rouergue, the Viadène, the Carladez, the Ruthénois... Camping the Romiguière, easy access to all the sites to see: Estaing, Espalion, Entraygues, St. Comes, Laguiole.

To take full advantage of the Festival of Transhumance 2019, Camping La Romiguière offers pleasant accommodations and convenient solution. Don't forget to book a mobilehome or a location for your motorhome...


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